My Story

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                  Amy Mead, CFLC

Do you ever feel like a fake? Like there are more days than not that you are just going through the motions? Like you are strong as a rock on the outside but crumbling on the inside?  Like you’re so busy trying to be perfect that you’re not even real?

I’ve walked your shoes…

…and I’ll tell you how I traded that perfect for happy.

I was the weird kid. Intuitive and empathic with a larger than life imagination. I spent so much time in my own fascinating little world that it took me years to notice that the other kids didn’t play with me at recess or invite me to playdates or birthday parties. I wanted to fit in but didn’t know how. Then I figured out the secret to being liked: blending in. I learned how to adapt to every situation and be just like everyone else.

young amySound familiar?

I became the girl who was fun, easy-going, and well liked. I went on to create a picture-perfect life. I had a master’s degree in accounting, my dream job, a doting husband, 3 rambunctious little boys, a never left my side dog, a beautiful home, and even a white picket fence. I threw the best parties, had tons of friends, and can’t count the number of times I heard, “I don’t know how you do it all.” I prided myself on being the perfect wife, perfect mom, and perfect friend. Everything was perfect. Perfect for everyone but me.

I was drowning in a sea of despair. I was a fraud. I had traded my authenticity for popularity. I was liked by everyone around me but me. Truth be told I didn’t even know who I was.

One day my oldest son came home and told me that he didn’t feel like he fit in at school. How could I encourage him to be proud of who he was no matter what when I was living a lie? I had to make things right. Both for my boys and for the odd little girl that years ago should have been celebrating her uniqueness instead of seeing it as a black cloud. I would do it for them.549257_3600062593777_694222238_n

You with me?

I started by attending yoga classes to relax my body and clear my mind. That led me to discover meditation and mindfulness. Fascinated by it all and craving more I started reading book after book about chakras, the body-mind connection, Ayurveda, and alternative medicine. I watched countless webinars and attended as many workshops as I could.  That’s where I found Fearless Living.


Fearless Living helped me to finally connect with and honor the person I was. I stopped beating myself up and harboring guilt about my past and started forgiving and living. I learned to appreciate being different and to be accepting and compassionate towards myself and others. I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me and focused on what I thought of myself. I stopped sweating the small stuff and learned how to laugh at myself.

I became the role model I wanted my boys to have in their lives.

When I took control of my life, I realized my purpose was to help others just like me. That’s why I decided to become a certified fearless living coach from the Fearless Living Institute.

I can show you how to build a toolbox full of empowering skills that transform your life. And I’ll make you laugh in the process.

If you’ve been nodding your head, we might be a great fit. Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery session.

Why are we called Divine Willow Wellness?

Divine means to discover by intuition or insight. Trusting your intuition will allow you to feel more empowered to make better decisions for yourself.

Willow comes from the willow tree. They have a strong foundation, their branches spread in every direction, they bend until almost at their breaking point and still maintain their natural beauty and abundance.

Wellness encompasses the whole you: mind, body, heart, and spirit. Haven’t you been leaving parts of yourself behind long enough? Let’s get the whole you back together again.