2020 is the best spiritual teacher I ever had!


It’s been one hell of a year.

For me, one of my best.

I have never felt more productive, more connected, or more inspired in my life.

It wasn’t all a walk in the park. I started the year at home waiting for surgery. In early February I had major back surgery and was out of work for six weeks recovering. Somewhere in there I turned 40. The day before I was set to return to the office they sent everyone home because of COVID. I had to adjust to working from home full-time, distance learning, and being home all the time. I had to be extra careful because I have a compromised immune system. At the end of November I got COVID and spent three days in the hospital and ten more days at home recovering. There were no nights out, weekend road trips, vacations, parties, movies, big family holidays, or hug-filled gatherings with friends.

And yet, 2020 gave me something miraculous that I wasn’t expecting.


When I look back on 2020 I feel a sense of pride, happiness, and gratitude. I smile. I remember all that I have learned this year and who I have become and can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that for the first time ever I am happy to just be me. I have everything I need. My world became smaller and my heart became bigger.

Some of the many gifts I received this year…

I stepped out of my comfort zone at work and had an amazing and successful year.

Working from home has allowed me to have more time to work on my business.

We welcomed a new puppy!

I became a teacher. Something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember.

I connected with so many friends.

I co-hosted my first virtual variety show… and it was awesome!

I received more love, support, and kindness than ever.

I walked away from people and situations that no longer support me.

I spent more time just hanging out with my boys – playing cards, watching movies, swimming in the pool.

I created so many things.

I held space for friends – through grief, through new endeavors, through fear – and they held space for me.

I became comfortable being on camera.

I learned to relax.

I learned to rest when I need to.

I learned to ask for support.

I learned that I love being home.

I had difficult conversations.

I laughed more than ever before.

I realized how little I actually need in my life to be happy.

I feel complete and whole and fulfilled.

I feel at peace.

It was one hell of a year.

And I can’t wait to see what comes next…

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