Change Your Life in 30 Days – Day 5: Affirmations, Intentions, and Goals

Join me in following Rhonda Britten’s “Change Your Life in 30 Days”.

Day 5 is all about affirmations, intentions, and goals and the differences between them. Affirmations are positive words written in the present tense as is your desired result has been achieved. Intentions are also positive statements in the present tense but written in a way that inspires you to do something. Affirmations are focused on external factors and intentions are focused internally on what you can do to achieve your desired outcome. Goals are the actions you take to support your intention.

My intention: I am willing to practice being in control of how I spend my time.

Here are my five acknowledgements for yesterday:

  1. Today I acknowledge myself for walking for a 1/2 hour.
  2. Today I acknowledge myself for attending my friends’ first workshop – lots of connection.
  3. Today I acknowledge myself for taking a rest after work to support me in being productive through the evening.
  4. Today I acknowledge myself for adding my blog to my 30 day practice.
  5. Today I acknowledge myself for being present throughout my day.

You can watch the Day 5 video here…

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