Why now?

I am a healer.

I have always been a healer. Even when I didn’t recognize what it was that I was feeling. I felt it at a very young age. This innate ability to really see people. See who they were, what they felt, and what they wanted. Empathic and sympathetic. I struggled with it for a long time. Struggled to see that this empathy and intuition that had been such a heavy load to carry and had bogged me down was, in fact, my greatest strength. I realized that I wasn’t meant to carry it all myself. I was meant to share it. To share this abundance of life and learning. Not just from my own experiences but from those all around me. 

But still, I’ve held myself back for years. Who am I to proclaim to be a healer? What makes me so special? How do you just decide you’re a healer? You don’t. It’s decided for you. As it was decided for me. I’ve been afraid to accept it. Afraid to put myself out there. Afraid that I’m not good enough, strong enough, smart enough. Afraid I’ll be seen as a fake. Why? Because I can’t seem to heal myself. I’ve met many challenges in my life and I struggle with so many things even today. I’ve been trying to find the answer. That magic bit of juicy knowledge that I can share with others to prove that I can help. That I can be trusted. The truth is, I don’t have the answer. But what I do know is this: as I work more and more with others I find myself healing more and more. The secret to my own healing has been sharing my story, being vulnerable, and opening my heart to others. What a miraculously inspiring thing to know that we can heal together. We can do the work together. We can rise together.

I’m ready to acknowledge and use these gifts. I’m ready to share my experiences, speak my truth, and provide support to those who need it. I’m ready to stop hiding in the shadows and let my light shine. I’m ready to be seen. I’m ready to be heard. I’m ready to heal.

Why now? Because it’s time.

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